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Great concept!
Loving this concept!
Thankful for a easy way for physicians to have a direct voice in important matters! Thanks for putting this together!
Disruptive physician behavior double standard versus other professionals
Why is it that physicians can and are frequently accused of disruptive behaviors, often with no assumption of innocence and limited if any due process, while other professionals including hospital administrators and nursing staff often exhibit such behaviors without any consequence? And they can be extremely damaging to physicians even if not true. We should advocate for the elimination of the double standard applied to physicians versus other professionals. Not a small problem as such accusations often are used to silence or eliminate physicians advocating for improvements or changes within an organization. For example, I know of a surgeon accused of disruptive behavior for not saying hello to a nurse walking by. No way a nurse would ever get in trouble for that. I know another who was accused of assaulting a nurse in the trauma bay who would have had their career and life destroyed had it not been for a video camera recording the incident clearly showing that the nurse actually was the assailant. I'm not talking about true bad behavior by physicians which we all oppose, I'm talking about exaggerated or even fabricated claims meant to maliciously harm or weaken innocent physicians while others have no accountability for their behaviors. Time for fairness and justice and equal treatment of physicians regarding behavior.
Time limited board certification must go!
I will support this organization as long as they advocate for an end to all time limited board certification. The problem isn't MOC. That is merely a natural consequence of time limited board certification. Board certification is like our university degrees, it's supposed to be a one time event, not something constantly renewed. This organization also needs to advocate for a return to reasonable alternative pathways. There is no reason in the world that if you have done a residency with a lot of overlap in another specialty that you would need to do a residency in that other specialty. For example, if someone has residency training in Family Medicine and has done a lot of work as an Emergency Medicine doctor, you should be able to challenge the boards without doing an EM residency. Also, there is no reason in the world to make someone do a fellowship in a subspecialty that is purely cognitive, especially when fellowship program availability is limited. For example sleep medicine. This is purely cognitive and any training could be done remotely or even by self study. In fact, most current sleep medicine specialists are certified by practice pathway and never completed a fellowship. But the ABMS and AOA will not allow anyone who is not fellowship trained to achieve board certification now. These things are all unfair, unlawful restrictions of trade that also harm patients and physicians alike.
I strongly suggest that this organization organizes their proposals and tasks in order of importance and proceed accordingly. Paul T Barbera
Great Idea
This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for creating this organization.
National License
Now that we (physicians) have the attention of the nation and president. It is time to call for national license, just like physicians that work for the VA. Eliminate state licenses and board re-certification.
Phenomenal Concept!
My question is how and where is this being promoted among physicians? Is there a role I can play in furthering this concept?
Push popular suggestions to the top
Can we have a “like button” that pushes the comments with the most “likes” to the top; that way, we know what the most popular suggestions are, can weigh in... Thanks
We need more physicians on twitter
Can the United Physicians twitter be more active with posts, retweets, and gaining followers and also follow back physicians following it? There is strength in messaging with a large number of physicians following UnitedPhysicians on twitter. You can mute most after following them but that’s how you get more followers, too
i am just very thankful that dr tierstein has time to look out for all of us along with his incredibly busy clinical, teaching and administrative responsibilities. kudos to you for being an amazing person!
Stop bullying by insurance companies
We need this community to develop referendums that will minimize insurance red tape to get medicine, scans and procedures approved for patients and get us paid in a timely and efficient manner at appropriate rates that are above Medicare so we can all survive.

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