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Time limited board certification must go!
I will support this organization as long as they advocate for an end to all time limited board certification. The problem isn't MOC. That is merely a natural consequence of time limited board certification. Board certification is like our university degrees, it's supposed to be a one time event, not something constantly renewed. This organization also needs to advocate for a return to reasonable alternative pathways. There is no reason in the world that if you have done a residency with a lot of overlap in another specialty that you would need to do a residency in that other specialty. For example, if someone has residency training in Family Medicine and has done a lot of work as an Emergency Medicine doctor, you should be able to challenge the boards without doing an EM residency. Also, there is no reason in the world to make someone do a fellowship in a subspecialty that is purely cognitive, especially when fellowship program availability is limited. For example sleep medicine. This is purely cognitive and any training could be done remotely or even by self study. In fact, most current sleep medicine specialists are certified by practice pathway and never completed a fellowship. But the ABMS and AOA will not allow anyone who is not fellowship trained to achieve board certification now. These things are all unfair, unlawful restrictions of trade that also harm patients and physicians alike.
Tort reform
Tort reform should be the one issue that unites us all and that only we can do as docs. There are no external politics on this one, the lawyers everywhere will attack and we should be ready. Pick a specialty (my guess OB/GYN) and pick a state to make a stand with a national voice. We should adapt the techniques of the political progressives in this regard--details later if this flies.

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