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Disruptive physician behavior double standard versus other professionals
Why is it that physicians can and are frequently accused of disruptive behaviors, often with no assumption of innocence and limited if any due process, while other professionals including hospital administrators and nursing staff often exhibit such behaviors without any consequence? And they can be extremely damaging to physicians even if not true. We should advocate for the elimination of the double standard applied to physicians versus other professionals. Not a small problem as such accusations often are used to silence or eliminate physicians advocating for improvements or changes within an organization. For example, I know of a surgeon accused of disruptive behavior for not saying hello to a nurse walking by. No way a nurse would ever get in trouble for that. I know another who was accused of assaulting a nurse in the trauma bay who would have had their career and life destroyed had it not been for a video camera recording the incident clearly showing that the nurse actually was the assailant. I'm not talking about true bad behavior by physicians which we all oppose, I'm talking about exaggerated or even fabricated claims meant to maliciously harm or weaken innocent physicians while others have no accountability for their behaviors. Time for fairness and justice and equal treatment of physicians regarding behavior.
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