Time for a Unified Physician Voice

Now, more than ever, we need an organization that fights for goals common to all physicians. The primary mission of UNITED PHYSICIANS is to advance the interests of physicians and patients and protect the physician-patient relationship.

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Licensing reform

Advocate for national license system. True reciprocity between states. Get national license where you reside with approval for additional states. One number for one physician like NPI. Fee for initial license to be processed by state of residence and smaller fee to add additional states to review and approve. System and information should be shared across states with online application at graduation.

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Poll Discussion

I think not at this time. Each state has different regulations on supervision etc I think there should still be a way to denotate knowledge of these difference to help protect ourselves. Big I do think there should be improved recercity where one state license hold enough validation that I don't need to be constantly providing repeated documents

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