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Now, more than ever, we need an organization that fights for goals common to all physicians. The primary mission of UNITED PHYSICIANS is to advance the interests of physicians and patients and protect the physician-patient relationship.

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Medical Board/State Prosecutorial misconduct - UNITED PHYSICIANS OMBUDSMAN PROGRAM

There is talk about Nationalizing Medical Licenses. Currently, there is Medical Board/State Prosecutorial misconduct against physicians. The California Death Certificate Project is just one. Prosecutors are subject to political whim. Physicians on medical Boards are just Mantel pieces. They will sign off anything that the Governor/State Attorney General/Prosecutor hands them. If a National License occurs, we hand ourselves over to Federal prosecutorial misconduct. You currently may get attacked and accused for Misspelling, Computer errors, Prescription errors, Patient complaints with good patient outcomes, Patient complaint for insurance denials, INSURANCE COMPANY complaint (ordered to many tests), the list goes on. When a physician is accused of anything it is handled by the STATE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE not the "Medical Board" . Physicians are GUILTY until you spend 250-500K to defend yourself or make a "Deal" accept probation and pay a fine to the Judges/Prosecutors/medical board of 5000-10000.00 per year to watch you spell correctly. The cases are very profitable to the DOJ. If you spend $500K in Defense the bill the Tax-payer $500K. It is Legal racketeering. These are the same people that will defend a police officer that breaks the law and suffocates a man with a knee, hands down life sentences to innocent men/woman. Jail a man for a year because he stole a $5 dollar bill. Many of them are sociopathic and we want them to further control Medicine? We need an OMBUDSMAN PROGRAM that is a buffer between Physicians and Complainants in order to avoid OVER-zealous attacks of Doctors who care for actual human beings. UNITED PHYSICIANS need to help Voiceless physicians. These attacks lead to the destruction of careers, families and increase Physician Suicide. Supporting and protecting our fellow physicians while protecting ourselves is what UNITED PHYSICIANS should represent. If we do not do anything. I fear we are at the end of the actual Practice Medicine....

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