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Stop the practice of medicine by computer criteria. Provide the names of those who design the criteria & hold them responsible for resulting deaths.

My ophthalmic scrub lost her baby 1 day before the C-section was "allowed." Ultrasound showed the baby to be nearly 8 pounds. He suddenly became very active (ischemic), was given the name football player, until he became still. The OB was "glad" for the criteria. She scheduled the C-section as soon as she "could." It was no one's fault. (Well, it was the baby's fault that he did not meet criteria) I watched 2 patients die of Mucormycosis Fungoides Obliterans. One 65, the other in her 40s. I was trained that orbital cellulitis in a diabetic with sinusitis is Mucor till proven otherwise. I walked the patient from the eye clinic to the ENT clinic. ENT put a rubber glove over a halogen light source, put it against the roof of patient's mouth to diagnose sinusitis (no x-ray needed), drained the clouded sinus (cocaine spray anesthesia), looked at & smelled the contents, irrigated the sinus with antibiotic. Next day orbital cellulitis & sinusitis were gone. Today, my 2 patients were hospitalized for weeks, multiple imaging done, every orifice & bodily fluid cultured - except the offending sinus. Why? No Fever - patient does not meet criteria for draining the sinus. Also no "fat stranding" on orbital imaging. Fungus does not cause a fever or fat stranding.!!! ENT would not drain the sinus. Doesn't meed criteria. 65 y/o became comatose. After a comatose week they took him to surgery. Why? "Had to. He spiked a fever." They took 1/3 of his face. Exenterated the orbit, maxillary, sphenoid, ethmoid, frontal sinuses, & found themselves in brain. All tissue, including brain documented Mucor. The 40 y/o had a similar course, but I have no microscopic or culture documentation. Stop the practice by "criteria.' Physicians make mistakes, but we learn. Computer criteria do not learn. To whom do I appeal faulty computer criteria of fever & fat stranding in fungal infections? Or are they intentionally created to kill those with chronic illnesses.

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